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woman face 5A quick post on Continuing Legal Education (CLE). In the past, I’ve posted about CLEonline.com, which when you’re in a hurry; up against a deadline; and can’t find Free CLE — then almost free CLE is the next best thing. Better yet, in MCLE states such as Texas, California, Colorado and others, lawyers get full participatory CLE credits not merely self-study credit for CLEonline.com seminars.

For those that don’t always pay attention, this is an important distinction. Many jurisdictions like Arizona’s will restrict the number of self-study hours their lawyers can log toward the mandatory annual requirement. In Arizona, the limit is 5 hours of self-study out of the mandatory 15 hour requirement.

Now, I’m not a paid shill for this company or any other for that matter. And I know there are other cost-effective CLE providers out there, e.g., the low-cost bundles from outfits like, Attorney Credits. But when I’m not getting my CLE gratis, I admit to having paid for courses through CLEonline.com. But only when a particular program drew my interest and of course, when the price was right.

A few days ago, for example, I took advantage of their current Last Chance’ (50% Off) promotion and benefited from a terrific program for the non-immigration lawyer, “Immigration Basics: The Crazy World of Foreign Nationals in (and Wanting to Come to) the United States.” The 1.5 hour course was enthusiastically, wittily and informatively taught by a young immigration attorney out of Houston, TX, Anuj A. Shah. My total cost was $19.


But no post on Free CLE would be complete without providing lawyers 11 days before the fiscal year CLE deadline with at least one more FREE CLE option. This one comes courtesy of MCLE Online – Fidelity National Title.

Registration is required to access “hour long modules . . . broken up into four 15 minutes sections and certificates can be printed upon completing each hour.” The site goes on to mention “topics such as: Surveying, Title Examination, Bankruptcy and many more. Best of all, these courses are offered free of charge to any attorney that is interested.”

Once you’re registered and accessed their desktop feature, Fidelity National Title’s site also provides access to free ARDC Seminars.

As always, all my usual CLE disclaimers apply about continued availability, content quality and acceptability by your jurisdiction.


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academic,dunce caps,dunces,hats,stoolsI’d meant to post about Arizona escaping the list of this year’s “Top 10 Dumbest States in America,” especially since my former home state of Nevada is an ignominious recidivist on the list.

 1) West Virginia

 2) Arkansas

 3) Mississippi

 4) Kentucky

5) Louisiana

6) Nevada

7) Alabama

8) Indiana

9) Oklahoma

10) Tennessee

And while I don’t put much stock in the ranking methodology, all the same I’m flummoxed at how Arizona dropped out. Just three years ago, Arizona sat at the pole position of America’s “Dumbest States.”

File:A-voluptuary.jpgThen again, dumb state or not some of you will think me cerebrally well-placed to live here since I was out golfing this past Saturday and Sunday when it was 100-plus outside. For some of you, this qualifies as dumb if not insane. And no matter those were days 7 and 8 on our consecutive day hit parade of triple-digit temperatures here with no relief in sight.

But this is par for June. Usually the hottest month in Satan’s nether region, it’s also just the start of our summertime ‘comfort zone’ in Arizona. You either go out into the inferno or you stay home, sort your sock drawer, and gaze at your navel.

And while I’m still planning on giving the local state bar another well-earned $3 hair cut, that post can keep. Instead, for all my friendly procrastinators waiting once again with under three weeks to spare before their annual June 30th fiscal year CLE deadline, here again is my now traditional fiscal year FREE CLE public service.

With the usual disclaimers about content quality, continued availability and jurisdictional credit-worthiness, find the following FREE CLE:



On demand Pay What You Want CLE | ASU Law Continuing Legal Education


I have little doubt the Continuing Legal Education Program at Arizona State University’s Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law is hoping very few, if anyone, takes them up on the “$0″ option, which is part of their current offer of CLE based on a “pay what you want option.” You choose from their list of OnDemand recorded seminars and register for the program. You then “enter the amount you would like to pay. The amount you pay is unlimited and you can enter as little as $0. Once registered, you’ll receive the video access information and can follow the instructions to receive interactive CLE credit!”

Of course, these are the same folks who lawyer-glut and back-breaking student school debts or not — have nonetheless shamelessly decided to move into a $120 million law school Taj Mahal in downtown Phoenix. According to the Arizona Republic, “in documents being presented to regents, ASU said the goal is to increase law-school enrollment and degrees by 50 percent.

Meantime, the straight-faced ASU law school dean says of the Pay What You Want CLE: “Of course, we hope that most will still contribute something for the CLE credits they will earn. All proceeds will go to scholarships that will help us recruit high quality students, attract students that might otherwise not be able to afford law school, and have our new graduates enter the workforce with less debt burden.” 

Of course, we hope that most will still contribute something for the CLE credits they will earn.  All proceeds will go to scholarships that will help us recruit high quality students, attract students that might otherwise not be able to afford law school, and have our new graduates enter the workforce with less debt burden.” – See more at: http://cle.asucollegeoflaw.com/ondemand-pay-what-you-want-cle/#sthash.HZdrdunJ.dpuf



Click here to go to online seminars

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http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/9/96/Golf_ball_5.jpg/320px-Golf_ball_5.jpgA couple of Saturdays ago, we were paired up on the golf course with a happy wise-cracking guy who turned out to be a presiding judge in another jurisdiction. I won’t mention where he was from but let’s just say, he was one happy hombre hitting white dimpled balls in the sunshine while his cold snap compadres back home were freezing theirs.

He was also a much better duffer than me which, of course is no big deal since I set the bar pretty low on the golf course. But I especially liked his bracing candor and absence of pomposity particularly when referring to his day job. His ‘hail fellow well met’ attitude was refreshing. Ah, but then again, we were basking on a sunny Arizona golf course. Who knows what he’s like back home? But at least he wasn’t like Judge Spaulding Smails!

Nonetheless giving him the benefit of the doubt, mid-round I commended the long-time jurist for having successfully inoculated himself from black robe disease — and for not asking me to kiss his ring. Hearing my good-natured razzing, he laughed and smote his Pro-V-1 down the middle of the fairway.

And with that I segue to less berobbed congeniality in the following updates:

From the slapping the spanker file.

Remember Texas Judge William Adams who lost it in more ways than one? For those who forgot, he was the jurist suspended for a year after his daughter, Hillary, posted an embarrassing angry belt-whipping video online. Judge Adams was the belter and Hillary was the beltee. Well, add one more loss for the now ex-jurist. Following enough mea culpas, Judge Adams had been reinstated by the Texas Supremes in November 2012. But thing was, that video followed him around like the proverbial tin can tied to a cat’s tail. So thanks to getting caught beating his daughter on the video, he lost re-election last month. Chalk one up for prudent voters slapping down an ill-advised reelection bid. And give credit to much-maligned judicial elections, which now and then do somehow manage to impose some semblance of accountability courtesy of the voters.
Meanwhile back in Texas, remember Judge William Adams who lost it in more ways than one? For those who forgot, he was the jurist suspended for a year after his daughter, Hillary, posted a video online of the belt-whipping he administered. Well, add one more loss for the ex-jurist. The judge who was reinstated by the Texas Supremes in November 2012 after he was caught beating his daughter on video lost re-election in March. Chalk one up for voters slapping down an ill-advised reelection bid. And chalk up one for much-maligned judicial election voter accountability.
body parts,Buddhism,feet,footprints,religion,religious symbols,toes,visitations

From the foot massages no more file.

Sadly at only age 56, former Clark County, Nevada District Court Judge Elizabeth Halverson passed away March 1, 2014. She’ll be remembered for a lot of things, including the stuff that led to the imposition of judicial discipline. In particular, I’ll recall her former bailiff Johnnie Jordan’s affidavit where he said the judge had ordered him “to massage her feet, neck and shoulders, or some combination of those body parts.”  Also see “Foot massages no more. Nevada Supreme Court reaffirms district court judge’s permanent removal.”

From the shame in his game file.

photoAnd finally it turns out there was more than a little shame in the game of Wayne County, Michigan Circuit Judge Wade H. McCree Jr.

At least more than enough to convince the Michigan Supreme Court to hand down an order dated March 26, 2014 to remove from the bench the self-professed “No shame in my game” judge with a hankering for old-school R & B; inappropriate liaisons in chambers; and bare-chested texts.


From the more FREE CLE file.

With the usual disclaimers about content, continued availability and jurisdictional approval find the following:

Practising Law Institute

9:00 AM -12:30 PM (Pacific)

How to Find and Handle Your First Pro Bono Case 2014

Register Now


National Institute for Trial Advocacy (NITA)

Studio71 Webcasts - NITA – National Institute for Trial Advocacy


Miscellaneous Topics – Free & Online

For example,

  • Effective Handling & Use of Exhibits at Trial: How to Look Cool & Be Persuasive Using Stuff at Trial

May 20, 2014




CritelliLaw Mediation WorkShop Webinar

Apr 17, 2014 to Apr 18, 2014

9:00 AM – 10:00 AM CDT

Register Now at:  https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/194303361

CritelliLaw Litigation WorkShop Webinar

Noon  May 6,7, and 8th 2014.   3 Hrs FREE CLE

Register Now at: https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/110472208



LexisNexis® presents a Complimentary CLE-Accredited* Webinar: Cutting Through the Noise: Practical Guidance on Administering Obamacare & Other Health Plans

Length: 95 Minutes

Date: 04/22/2014

Time: 2:00 PM (EDT)


US Legal Journal



Navigating the Ethical Minefield of Social Media for California Attorneys


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http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/1/14/It%27s_enough_to_make_a_horse_laugh%2C_1896.jpgKnock on wood but on occasion, I have sore back problems. I usually chalk it up to my sorry golf game or to my reckless past.

http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/2/27/Very_slippy-weather.jpg/373px-Very_slippy-weather.jpgThere are a lot of blameworthy pratfalls in my annals of yesteryear. Here’s a short list:  coming off cantering horses; cracking a tailbone rollerblading; one-too-many pick-up basketball games and an assortment of snow-related mishaps from yard-sale ski crashes to some ill-fated snowmobiling capers.

Speaking of snowmobiling, I think I blame that the most. The last one was several years ago in Wyoming.

After a while of herding us in a disordered group on a road or head-to-tail down a path, our guide turned us loose in a snowy meadow — just to get an unrestricted feel of our snowmobiles.

http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/e/ed/SnowmobilesYellowstone.jpg/320px-SnowmobilesYellowstone.jpgHe told us, “Have fun running your machines but avoid the swales around the trees.”

No sooner said but a friend and I threw proverbial caution to the four winds and forgot his advice. The two of us tore off from the group at high-speed and within three minutes were racing toward a hill and a tree.

Swale? What’s a swale? My friend fortunately remembered the guide’s admonition and at the last second he turned away. Hooting and hollering — I did not. But I ‘won’ the race.

As soon as I hit the swale, my snowmobile went one way and I went the other. I landed right where the good Lord splits you.

After grunting, groaning and griping, I eased myself out of the deep snow, found my snowmobile, and with a little help from my friends was back astride the Artic Cat. The worse, however, lay ahead. The trip back to the lodge was over miles of icy washboard road. I still wince remembering every single teeth-chattering reprimanding rut and bump all the way back.

The filing cabinet.

So here I was over the weekend recalling all this whereupon I decided I may actually have one more thing to blame for my occasional low back pain. I was cleaning out my billfold — a somewhat rare feat. And I remembered what a longtime lawyer friend once ribbed me about a few years back.

We were having breakfast in a coffee shop. And when the check came, I took out my billfold to pay. But when I put my wallet on the table, he started giving me no end of grief over the heft of my billfold, the “filing cabinet under half of my ass.” He laughed and said my cluttered wallet reminded him of George Costanza’s exploding wallet in Seinfeld.

Well, so much for that recollection. I don’t really know if the wallet is to blame. I’m still going with the snowmobile. But at least for now I’ve taken out all the collected paper, business cards, post-its, receipts and notes out of my wallet — that is, until they accumulate again.

Meanwhile, here’s more Free CLE along with the usual disclaimers about content quality, continued availability, and creditworthiness in your particular jurisdiction.


Clifford Law Offices

2014 Webinar: “The Ethics of Client Communications”

“Clifford Law Offices is sponsoring a free two-hour continuing legal education program on the ethics of client communications in the seventh annual Clifford Law Offices Continuing Legal Education Series. The 2014 program will cover the dos, don’ts and best practices of lawyer communication with both commercial and consumer clients; issues in ex parte communications between lawyers and adjudicators; and how to avoid breaches of client confidentiality. The program will also address the unique challenges and ethics of client communications in the Internet Age: What can we say about our cases on our websites and in our marketing materials? Can we discuss our cases in private online forums with other lawyers? How do we handle a bad “Yelp” review? Should we accept Facebook “friend” requests from clients? A number of actual cases and hypotheticals will be presented to help attendees understand the ethics of dealing with client communications in light of the Model Rules of Professional Conduct. The goal of the two hours is to train lawyers on ethical communication with their clients and about their cases.”

Date: Thursday, Feb. 20, 2014
Time: 2:30-4:30 p.m.


Practising Law Institute (PLI)

PLI: Seminars – Exposing and Responding to Human Trafficking in 2014

Total Credits:  3.50 (New York)
Professional Practice:  3.50


Date: Feb. 7, 2014

Time: 1:45 to 5:00 PM (Eastern)

  • How to define human trafficking
  • Who traffickers are and how they operate
  • How to interview a victim
  • Criminal justice system response to human trafficking
  • How to address immigration and other legal issues
  • How New York State courts are responding to human trafficking


S.J. Quinney College of Law – University of Utah

CLE Collection features videos and links to videotaped conferences approved by the Utah State Bar for CLE credit.

Media Podcasts Approved for CLE Credit


Webinars – Attorney Protective

Approved Multiple Activity Provider in CA and NJ and various other jurisdictions. Check website.

Social Media Ethics for Lawyers

Date: January 30, 2014

Time: 12:00 PM-1:05 Central Time, 1:00 PM-2:05 Eastern Time and 10:00AM Pacific Time

An Ethical Retirement – Ethical issues to consider when you or a partner in your firm retires.

Date: March 26, 2014
Time: 12:00 PM-1:05 Central Time, 1:00 PM-2:05 Eastern Time and 10:00AM Pacific Time


eMCLE Educational Series - Barkley Court Reporters

(Various archived and forthcoming programs for jurisdictions, including California, Nevada and New York)

Adobe Acrobat for the Legal Profession (1 hour)

“In an ever-increasing technical world, it is essential that members of the legal profession be prepared to navigate electronic files with ease and proficiency. This seminar will give an overview of the key features in Adobe Acrobat for use within the legal profession. (1 Credit – IL, NY nontransitional, CA, NV)”

March 19, 2014 – 11:00 AM Pacific (1:00 PM Central, 2:00 PM Eastern) – Click here


One Legal University

California State Bar approved MCLE Multiple Activity Provider. NO CHARGE programs:

Saving Trees and Time: eFiling and eService in California

“This one hour course focuses on the basic rules and statutes of eFiling & eService and the benefits eFiling & eService can provide. 1 hour MCLE credit provided.”

“Tools of the Trade”

“Using our Court Filing, Process Serving, Court Research and Courtesy Copy Products.

“This training is offered multiple times.”

Oranges the Year ‘Round, eFiling & eService in Orange County Superior Court

“This one hour training session walks you through all the steps necessary in order to eFile and eServe your documents in Orange County Superior Court.

“This training is offered multiple times.”

eService: The End to Stuffing Envelopes

“This one-half hour course focuses on eService rules and statutes and will teach you how to add eService to an eFiling or a physical filing order. 1/2 hour MCLE credit provided.

“This training is offered multiple times.

Who is at the Door? Successfully Serving Summonses and Subpoenas

“This one hour course focuses on California service of process statutes and process serving methodology. 1 hour MCLE credit provided.

“This training is offered multiple times.


Photo Credits: “It’s enough to make a horse laugh,” at Wikimedia Commons, image is available from the United States Library of Congress‘s Prints and Photographs division under the digital ID ppmsca.08324, public domain;”Very slippy-weather / etch’d by James Gillray,” at Wikipedia Commons, public domain; ;”A snowmobile tour at Yellowstone National Park,” at Wikimedia Commons, National Park Service photo, public domain.

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Well, I won’t be splitting the Mega Millions with anyone. I didn’t win last night’s gazillion dollars. But then since I forgot to buy a ticket — I can’t complain about not winning the $636 million Mega Millions jackpot.

Congratulations, though, to whoever it was in Atlanta, GA and in San Jose, CA who correctly picked the winning numbers of 8, 14, 17, 20 and 39, with a Megaball of 7. Another 20 ticket holders will win $1 million after matching all the numbers except the Megaball. For the rest of us, “Happy Hunger Games! And may the odds be ever in your favor.”

The truth is that for most of us, the odds of winning aren’t always in our favor. And especially in the case of the Mega Millions Lottery, those odds are now slimmer than ever. The field of numbers to choose from changed from 1 through 56, to 1 through 75 and the odds of winning a jackpot changed from 1 in 176 million, to 1 in 259 million. Last, the jackpot annuity payout changed from 26 years to 30 years.

And speaking of long odds, the legal profession’s own version of “Hunger Games” continues for newbie lawyers. But at least the market correction has accelerated. According to law professor Paul Campos, “Most law schools now appear to be losing money, and law school budgets almost everywhere will undergo even more severe stress as the entering classes of 2011 and 2012 are replaced by much smaller cohorts over the next two to three years.” See Progress report at “Inside the Law School Scam.”

Can this mean the long-term employment odds will gradually improve for law school students and graduates? With law-school matriculation plunging to 1970s levels and some law schools finally wising up and slashing jobs and salaries, it will still take some time.

So what’s next? Serious tuition decreases? Nah. Don’t hold your breath.

The clown car is still packed with too many chuckle heads chortling that the “perceived oversupply of lawyers is largely illusory” while the car goes 90 mph over the nearest cliff. See ASU law school to move to downtown Phoenix in time of lowest law graduate employment.”

And also see “Second-Tier Law Schools Feel The Squeeze As They Stubbornly Keep Tuition Rates High.”



Fortunately for CLE-needy lawyers on this blog who are still hunting freebie CLE before the December 31st witching hour, there’s still time. But procrastinators better hurry since one of the programs is webcast tomorrow, December 19, 2013. The usual disclaimers apply.

Employment Law Update Webinar Series – Miller Law Group

“The Year in Review and a Look Forward to 2014″

Thursday, December 19, 2013, 10:00 AM – 11:30 AM PST



Lawyers Mutual Insurance Group

“Anatomy of Effective and Ethical Law Firm Websites”

For MCLE (1.25 hours ethics credit) at

News & Events – Lawyers’ Mutual Insurance Company


California State Bar

Free self-study MCLE for the Detection/Prevention of Substance Abuse/Mental Health Issues:

Self-study activity (the three listed components combined) has been approved for Minimum Continuing Legal Education (MCLE) credit by the State Bar of California in the amount of one hour in Detection/Prevention of Substance Abuse:

1. View our 17 minute educational video
2. Read “Getting Help When You Need It”
3. Read “Depression: The Parable of the Boiling Frog”


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I don’t Twitter. And I don’t always keep up with the posts percolating in my head — supposedly on their eventual way to publication. So for the past couple of weeks, I’ve been meaning to post some updates. In addition, as I like to do this time of the year, I’m also providing more links to FREE CLE for all my year-end procrastinators. The usual disclaimers apply.

Sriracha Update.

I should have noticed when I picked up my last order of take-out pho, that they’d shorted me the tiny plastic cup of Sriracha. Good thing I have a bottle of the hot sauce at home.

But I now realize why. Last month, because of complaints over the chili pepper and garlic fumes emanating from Huy Fong Foods’ production facility in Irwindale, CA. On Tuesday, November 26th, Judge Robert H. O’Brien ruled in favor of the city and ordered a partial shutdown of operations. It’s all pending the company’s efforts to mitigate the smell of chili.

Happily, the plant’s not being closed. And so the company says there’s no need to panic about a supply shortage. All the same, I hope my local pho eatery doesn’t start issuing Sriracha ration cards. See “Judge orders cool-down at Sriracha factory.”

Bluntly “amazing.”
And then there was my pre-Thanksgivukkah post about the still rampant misuse and overuse of “amazing.” To punctuate my point, I even called on comedian Louis CK’s indelicacy about the wasted use of the adjective to describe a Wendy’s sandwich.
Louis CK may have to rethink whether or not those sandwiches can be called “amazing” or not. (For the uninitiated, a blunt is a half-smoked marijuana cigarette). And the customer who found the half-smoked joint in her cheeseburger was not amused and called the cops.


Family Lawyer Magazine

“Privacy and Identity Theft: Protect Yourself, Your Clients and Your Firm!” (California)By MCLE provider Mari J. Frank. 1.0 hour of CLE on Legal Ethics.

“Law, Psychiatry and Children, Part 1: An Expert’s View” By Mark Banschick  and MCLE provider Mari J. Frank, Esq.. Obtain 1.0 hour of General CLE.

“Reducing Attorney Stress with Dynamic-Action, One-Hour Version, By IL-ACLEP provider, Robert A. Barasa, Esq.  (Illinois) 1.0 hour MCLE on Professionalism.



Saul Ewing LLP

“Practical Applications of Employee Leave and Medical Leave Under State and Federal Law”

Wednesday, December 11, 2013  12 Noon (ET) (9:00 a.m. PT)

To register, click here.

Approved by the Pennsylvania Continuing Legal Education Board for 1 hour of substantive law, practice and procedure CLE credit.



An Introduction to Legal Project Management

Wednesday, December 11, 2013 ~ 1:00 p.m. ET (10:00 a.m. PT)

FREE (1) hour CLE on “Legal Project Management,” hosted by the Practical Law Company. Register for at https://event.webcasts.com/starthere.jsp?ei=1025484&sti=PLSite


Mark Lassiter, Founder/Attorney/Principal, The Lassiter Law Firm; Founder/Manager, Legal Project Management, LLC d/b/a Lex Projex

Heather McMaster, Head Editor, Practical Law Securities

1.0 General Skills CLE credit pending in: AL, AK, AR, AZ, CA, CO, GA, HI, IA, IL, ME, MN, MO, MS, MT, ND, NH, NJ, NY, OK, PA, TN, TX and VT.



DAUBERT IN ITS 3rd DECADE: Managing Litigation by Managing Expert Testimony

Monday, December 16, 2013 ~ 1:00 p.m. ET (10:00 a.m. PT)

• What does the Daubert trilogy stand for today?
• What instrumental role is Daubert playing in the trial courts today in terms of moving cases to settlement?
• What are the implications of Daubert for class certification?
• Do Daubert standards apply differently in Bench Trials?
• How Daubert applies to appellate review.
• Seminal cases in the Daubert area today.

Sign Up

Registration at http://event.on24.com/eventRegistration/EventLobbyServlet?target=registration.jsp&eventid=723770&sessionid=1&key=174B0709FEFC6CD6E24297DA4C8EC8F0&sourcepage=register



Upchurch Watson White & Max

From Pit Bull to Poodle: Effective Mediation Advocacy Styles (Plus the Answers to Other Commonly Asked Mediation Questions)

Approved (1) Hour FL Bar CLE Credit/0.5 Ethics Credit/1.0 General Civil Trial Certification Credit

Course #1308400N until 04/24/2015

Presented by: Sandra Upchurch

Download This Webinar

Photo Credits: “Brigitte Mistakes Siracha for Eye Drops,” by

Ty Nigh at Flickr via Creative Commons-license requiring attribution; Vietnamese Nalle phở noodle soup, by Kham Tranwww.khamtran.com at www.khamtran.com via Wikipedia Commons under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.2.

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“No one ever went broke underestimating the taste1 of the American public.” Depending on the version you prefer, Henry Louis Mencken was either referring to the public’s “intelligence” or its “taste” when he made his tart observation.

But H.L. Mencken notwithstanding, there’s still hope. Wasn’t ‘Jersey Shore’ canceled last year? But then given our resiliency for questionable taste on such matters, on news that the Kardashians’ 15 minutes is almost up when their contract ends in 2015 — don’t believe it, until you see it. It may all be just somebody’s wishful reporting. Also see “Bye Bye Kardashians! Top Execs Predict The Show Is Finished In …”

But fortunately, for the moment at least, forget Kim, Khloe and Kourtney. My 15 minutes aren’t yet up for posting FREE CLE.

So far, there’s no end in sight for lawyers seeking free online access to creditworthy continuing legal education — or who are otherwise intent on depriving their respective state bars from removing additional pounds of flesh from the lawyer corpus for bar-sponsored MCLE.

Here are two more links with the usual disclaimers regarding continued availability and credit-acceptance by your jurisdiction.


How to Start and Grow a Food and Agriculture Law Practice


On Demand Video. Presented by Cari Rincker, author of new book, Field Manual: Legal Guide for New York Farmers and Food Entrepreneurs.

One hour credit, various jurisdictions.


Ready for Your Sneak Peek at the Future of Estate Planning? “The Future of Trusts, Wills and Estate Planning “.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013 – FREE one hour online webinar panel presentation featuring Futurist Jonathan Blattmachr and moderated by Barbara Kotlyar.  Registration link here.


Check your own jurisdiction concerning credit.


[1] For an enlightening elaboration of Mencken’s oft-quoted, misquoted and paraphrased quip, see Quote/Counterquote: Things you won’t go broke underestimating…

Photo Credits:

“Pennie Long,” by Dominic Alves at Flickr via Creative Commons-license requiring attribution; “Portrait of Dirk Tybis Watching a 3-DTV, after Hans Holbein the Younger,” by Mike Licht at Flickr via Creative Commons-license requiring attribution.

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Fall officially started last Sunday. But if it wasn’t for the calendar, you wouldn’t know it in the desert southwest. Here you don’t really feel the seasons, not when the weather is too often so infernal. Plus, it’s still hot in September when the average high is 100.

Hardly a surprise when according to the National Weather Service, this was the hottest summer on record in Phoenix.

This is why it’s so good to have other ways besides the calendar to remind you of the change of seasons.


Practising Law Institute (PLI)

Immigration After Windsor: Benefits, Pitfalls, and Open Questions for Lesbian and Gay Immigrant Families in a Post DOMA World (Audio Only) Free Briefing.

One hour Webcast, October 23, 2013

CLE Credit


_________________________________________________________________________________________________Practising Practising Law Institute (PLI)

How to Start – and Succeed – at Pro Bono (Audio-only) FREE

One hour Webcast, October 24, 2013

CLE Credit



Photo Credits: “Sunset September,” by beth woodrum at Flickr via Creative Commons-license requiring attribution.

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4th of July Independence Day beer, new car, furniture store, and supermarket barbecue promotions have come and gone. There’s nothing as American as the commercialization of a public holiday.

Ditto even when the patriotic celebrations are from someplace else. But before referencing one more merchant’s holiday-themed sales gimmick, let me first clear up any Corona-induced confusion over Cinco de Mayo supposedly being the Mexican equivalent of “4th of July.” Today, September 16th, and not “May 5th” or “Taco Tuesday” is Mexican Independence Day.

So it not being ‘Cinco de Mayo,’ Mexican Independence Day Celebrations began last night with the traditional shout of Dolores in Mexico,  Additional celebrating will occur today.

File:Miguel Hidalgo con estandarte.jpgThe 16th of September is the date that commemorates the day 203 years ago today, when in the town of Dolores, near Guanajuato, Mexico, Father Miguel Hidalgo called his fellow Mexicans to arms to shake off the Spanish yoke.

On the night of September 15, 1810, he rang the church bell to call his congregation to the church and to rally them what’s known as El Grito de Dolores with “Viva Mexico” and “Viva la independencia!” 

No surprise, there were festivities aplenty both yesterday and today. Most notably around here, there’s the one involving a local merchant’s act of contrition.

It’s a marketing promotion by that supposed Aztec-two-stepping Mexican restaurant I posted about last month. It’s the eatery where as many as 74 restaurant patrons were allegedly sickened by something they claim they ate there. Lawyers and litigation have ensued.

Well, not to miss out and to possibly make up, The Mexican Independence holiday presented an opportunity for the Mexican Restaurant in question to try to put all the bad press behind them. They’re doing so by offering free burritos today only.

Free burritos must be the new face of ‘damage-control.’ Linda Cobb aka the “Queen of Clean” is also supposed to be there.

I don’t know how many people will be taking Federico’s Mexican Food’s free burrito offer. No pun intended, but I’m going to pass.

FREE CLE but no free burrito.

But for something more substantive — than a free burrito, here’s one more shout-out of a different sort — for FREE CLE.

Offered by the Practising Law Institute (PLI), it’s an all-day program — a primer on “How to File a Chapter 7” for new practitioners and those interesting in assisting pro bono bankruptcy clients.

Check whether it’s approved in your own jurisdiction, although per the PLI website, it’s already approved for 7 credit hours in New York. My usual disclaimers apply.

Bankruptcy Basics for Low-Income Clients
San Francisco and Live Webcast, Thursday, September 26, 2013, beginning at 9 AM (Pacific). From PLI’s program description:

  • An overview of Chapter 7 bankruptcy, including legal sources, jurisdiction, venue, eligibility and the parties
  • Your duties as a bankruptcy attorney and debt relief agency, how to evaluate and interview a client, how to choose between Chapter 7 or Chapter 13, and your responsibilities of investigation (due diligence)
  • How the discharge works and the effectiveness of the automatic stay
  • How to protect the debtor’s property through exemptions
  • An in-depth overview of the means test
  • How to prepare the schedules in a Chapter 7 and prepare your client for the meeting of creditors



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I was dwelling on the delusional or maybe, it was merely the fantastical, as I noted that a report last month at “Winning the Lottery, but Keeping Your Job” – NYTimes.com, claimed that two-thirds of American workers would continue working — even if they won $10 million in the lottery — or at least that’s what they told the Gallup Survey. To which I say, “Right!”

Or then again, they must all be lawyers who sometimes trade in feats fantastical.

To cite one instance of the lawyerly phantasmagorical, there was that recent news item about the lawyer that refunded $8200 in fees to a bankruptcy client that was $6371 in debt. According to the report at the Erie Times, the refund was not necessarily animated by a sense of noblesse oblige but because the bankruptcy trustee’s review of the Chapter 7 filing revealed how the debtor had paid more to the attorney “than it would have cost her just to pay her actual creditors.” Imagine that.

And then to punctuate his point, the trustee contended that the lawyer’s advice to file the bankruptcy in the first place “was ill-advised and solely motivated by . . . desire to charge and receive a significant fee.”

Of course my incredulity about lawyering feats fantastical is feigned. What disbelief, after all? Not when hordes of contingency fee lawyers otherwise give little thought to circumstances where they collect more in fees than their clients recover for their injuries.

Happily, however, there’s nothing fantastical about one more post on forthcoming FREE CLE, which is slated for October 2, 2013. The usual disclaimers apply. And as the content concerns the trends “reshaping the management of today’s legal workplace” visàvis the so-called Generation Y aka, “The Millenials,” I’ll resist the inclination to revisit the false dichotomy posed as


Presented by Thomson Reuters’ West LegalEdcenter and Robert Half Legal, it’s a one-hour event with Certificates of Completion for the Interactive Text program, entitled, The Evolving Legal Profession and the Gen Y Effect Online Course


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