Loving your lawyer and more Free CLE.

November 4th was this year’s “Love your lawyer day.”

Inexplicably, lawyer marketers yearn to popularize this fatuous inanity as “a day to shower their favorite legal eagles with sincere affection.” As though the usual medium of exchange, i.e., dinero, moola, shekels, cabbage, tendered by clients to their lawyers wasn’t enough consideration, especially as to crowd out any thoughts of love. Let’s be real here.

No wonder, then, that after 15 years of trying — it’s not working. And it never will — anymore than that equally absurd layer of reticulum, “Boss’s Day,” has succeeded in inspiring employees to shower their supervisors with “sincere affection.” See “Why workers hate their bosses.”

But then two days ago, I read that the State Bar of California was considering a flat-out ban on that most intense version of love your lawyer — sex between lawyers and their clients. Say what? Who knew sex with clients was still in some way permissible in California? In most jurisdictions, it isn’t.

Unsurprisingly, not all California attorneys are on board with changing the current rule that allows such intimacies with caveats and exceptions. The objectors call it an unjustified invasion of their privacy. See “California State Bar Considers Banning Lawyers From Having Sex With Clients.”

Five years ago, lawyers in Texas rejected a similar attempt to ban sex with clients. See, my previous post, “Flawed ‘heroes’ and a lawyer suspended for sexual billing.”

But no matter the outcome on proposed ethical rule amendments on lawyer lovin,’ now that year-end approaches, it’s time for love of an academic kind. It’s another updated list of free online CLE. The usual disclaimers about availability, suitability and quality apply.



Talking About My Generation: Learning Conversations in the Legal Workplace
1.0 Hours Professional Responsibility CLE Credit in Illinois

The Buck Stops Here: Ethics and Professionalism for In-House Counsel 
1.0 Hours Professional Responsibility CLE Credit in Illinois


Rimon Law Firm

Rimon Law’s 2016 Complimentary CLE Webinar Series

Recent Developments in Anti-Corruption Law and Enforcement  (1 CLE Credit)

Social Media: Legal Ethics and Records Considerations  (1 CLE Credit & 1 Ethics Credit)

Changes in US Sanctions, Opportunities and Risks  (1 CLE Credit)

What’s new pussycat? A hot update on IRS disclosure issues for 2017  (1 CLE Credit)

US/EU Data Privacy Update  (1 CLE Credit)

Ethical Practice in 2016  (1 CLE Credit & 1 Ethics Credit)


Practising Law Institute (PLI)

Prison Law 2016

You will learn:

  • Practical prevention and responsive strategies to violence and abuse in prison
  • Medical and mental health challenges for incarcerated persons
  • Prisoners’ rights to education and programming
  • Ethical issues arising in prison actions
  • Prison litigation: Identify cognizable claims and examine barriers to litigation through an in-depth case study

On-Demand Web Program, 6 Hours+ CLE Credit


State of Ohio Ethics Commission


Upchurch Watson White & Max Law Firm

The Language of Professionalism in Negotiation

Approved 1.5 FL Bar General/ Professionalism CLE Credits

Course #1606931N

until 4/17/2018

View This Webinar

Diversity in Mediation: Domestic and International Challenges

Approved 1.0 FL Bar General/ Bias Elimination CLE Credit, 1.0 FL Bar Civil Trial/International Law Certification Credit

Course #1606561N

until 3/21/2018

View This Webinar

Why It’s Almost Always Better to Mediate

Approved 1.0 FL Bar General CLE Credit

Course #1606056N

until 2/28/2018

View This Webinar


MCLE New England

Electronic Evidence: Demonstration


National Consumer Law Center

Legal Responses to Elder Abuse: The Role of APS, Legal Aid, and Protection and Advocacy

Toxic Transactions: How Land Installment Contracts Once Again Threaten Communities of Color

Other webinars listed under:

Topics Include

  • When and what to investigate
  • Who should perform the investigation
  • How to select a qualified investigator
  • Elements of an effective investigation
  • Pitfalls to avoid
  • How to prepare a report of the investigation’s findings and recommendations


Photo Credits: Morguefile.com no attribution required.


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  1. I saw this bit on the California rule in the news and was blown away… how was that not already in place? Thanks for the free CLEs!!!

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